What is QNETPRO?
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Helping distributors Build a Sustainable Business

We are the pioneers and the voice for the direct selling industry in many emerging economies and we take that responsibility seriously. Our mission is to educate, inform and train our distributors to uphold the highest standards in conducting their business. As aspiring entrepreneurs, they are not just building a business that helps them become financially independent; they are leading a wave of change.

To support our growing network of distributors in building a professional and sustainable business, we have established a programme called QNETPRO.

Under QNETPRO, we conduct training programmes, online seminars, create awareness through social media campaigns and videos, provide educational materials through online and offline channels, and help instill in our distributors a sense of pride for being at the forefront of a thriving industry.


A series of interviews with successful and celebrated network marketing leaders in QNET. Through real life success stories, we encourage and inspire our distributors to build a long-term businesses by engaging in honest and professional practices.



A series of videos to help you understand the direct selling industry and answer questions about the QNET business.



We simplify QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics with easy-to-understand terminologies and simplified content.



A quick, straightforward list to make sure you do things the right way.



Your handy guide to learning the basics of professional network marketing.

10 QNET Red Lines

Registering minors

Lying about QNET or its business

Misrepresenting the business plan

Misusing personal documents of your prospects

Forcing a Prospect to sign up as a Distributor

Cheating Prospects / Downlines

Manipulating the registration process

Establishing a Distributor office in violation of country laws or QNET rules

Abusing QNET

Bringing QNET into any form of disrepute


At QNET, we believe in walking the talk. We require complete adherence to QNET’s Code of Conduct and compliance with our Policies and Procedures. At this time, when the direct selling industry is becoming a profession of choice in many emerging economies, it is important for us to set high standards. We take violations to our policies and code of conduct very seriously. QNET in India has assigned a dedicated grievance cell to address consumer complaints. If you would like to bring a policy violation or misrepresentation of QNET business or product to our attention, please send an email to

Compliance – Terminated Distributor


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